Why You Need Fitness in Your Life – 25 Benefits of Regular Exercise


What better way to start off my new blog than to give you some of the MANY reasons as to why you need fitness in your life. Yes, exercise can leave you looking and feeling better, we all know that, but did you know that exercise can also do the following –

  1. Increases your chances of living longer
  2. Strengthens your bones, slows the loss of bone density (Osteoporosis)
  3. Strengthens your muscles, increases mass & strength
  4. Reduces your risk of Cardiovascular disease
  5. Controls your weight
  6. Reduces your risk of some cancers (colon, breast, endometrial and lung cancer)
  7. Improves ability to manage pain
  8. Improves quality of life
  9. Improves ability to do daily activities
  10. Reduces your risk of Type 2 diabetes
  11. Reduces stress
  12. Improves Self Esteem
  13. Prevents cognitive decline
  14. Improves memory
  15. Helps control addiction
  16. Increases relaxation, improves sleeping patterns
  17. Boosts creativity
  18. Increases productivity
  19. Boosts immune system, prevents colds
  20. Improves sex life, combats impotence, boosts libido
  21. Reduces risk of stroke
  22. Promotes healthy pregnancy
  23. Decreases anxiety
  24. Relieves symptoms of depression
  25. Improves mood

While I could go on, this gives you a pretty good idea of why you need fitness in your life. So, stop making excuses and get active! Starting is the hardest part, but once you do, stopping becomes even harder 😉