Staying Fit During the Holidays – 10 Tips to Keep You on Track

healthy holidays

During the Holidays it can be hard to stay on track with both your fitness routine and eating habits. It is important to keep in mind that daily exercise is a great way to beat stress so keeping on track can really help you get through what can be a stressful time of year.

Along side keeping up with your fitness routine comes the pressure of eating right during the Holidays. While a little indulgence is deserved, setting limits is important to keep you from sabotaging the hard work you have been putting in to obtain your goals.

Stay on track and enter the New Year feeling and looking your best with these 10 tips on staying fit over the Holidays.

  1. Plan your training – while planning is already an important factor in staying fit, doing so over the Holidays is even more so.
  2. Adjust Your Schedule – during the Holidays things can get very busy with preparations, kids being out of school and so on. Get your day started a little earlier than normal and get your workout in before tackling your ‘to do’ list.
  3. Find a Workout Partner – having a fitness minded friend can help a lot over the holiday season as you can keep each other motivated and accountable.
  4. Make it a Family Affair – the holidays are about spending quality time with your loved ones. Plan activities such as skiing or find a holiday themed activity in your community to get involved in such as a fun run.
  5. Play with the Kids – snowball fights, sledding and ice skating are not only a great way to have fun with the kids but they get your heart pumping, get you moving and burn calories.
  6. Use Bodyweight – can’t make it to the gym over the holidays? No excuse. Bodyweight exercises are a great way to get in a quick workout with little to no equipment. Check out the Benefits of Bodyweight Exercise and get motivated!
  7. Create a Challenge – set a goal, sign up for a competition or race in January/February to help keep you motivated and on track.
  8. Indulge a Little – I do not believe in depriving yourself however limiting yourself is key. Along with the Holidays comes drinks, baked goods and treats of all sorts. Indulge in moderation, smaller servings and limit yourself on the sweets.
  9. Snack Smart – while running errands or before the holiday party, eat snacks high in protein to keep you from getting starved which in return can lead to over eating.
  10. Relax & Enjoy – the Holidays are about quality time with family and friends and gratitude. Avoid setting unrealistic goals, focus on the little things and get your rest!

Happy Holidays!


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