How to Get Abs – 4 Easy Steps to Uncovering That 6 Pack!

absWorking your abs like crazy but not seeing the results? Well, here are 4 simple rules to follow to help uncover those abdominal muscles!

1. Eat Clean

Stay clear of processed foods! Eating a diet of whole foods will help to reduce bloating, water retention and fat which covers up that 6 pack! It’s not about eating less if you are eating the right foods. When your body gets the proper nutrition it wont crave the junk. Portion control is important as you need to burn more calories then you eat in order to reduce fat so eating the right kinds of foods makes this much easier to do.

2. Pay Attention to Posture

Throughout the day be certain to pay attention to your posture. Belly button in, back straight, no slouching!

3. Use your Bodyweight

Machines that isolate do not allow you to engage your core. Exercises like planking (bridging) and using a stability ball work wonders to engage the core and strengthen abdominal muscles. There are tons of planking varieties and they are a great way to work your abs and up your core strength without equipment.

4. Work a Little Harder

Remember to keep upping the intensity of your core workouts. By doing so you are turning your body into a fat burning machine and burning more calories.

Remember, this doesn’t happen overnight but with some patience and perseverance, anything is possible!






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