What Working Out Does To Your Psyche

Chris Kolaskos

What Working Out Does To Your Psyche

Most of us work out to improve our respective physiques. But aside from the benefits of having sculpted bodies, we also actually enhance our overall mental wellbeing just by regularly exercising. You think all that bench press or treadmill run does is make you stronger and agile? Think again! There are far more benefits, psychological that is, which you’ll obtain if you start to regularly break a sweat.

It’s that feel good chemical that’s responsible

Whenever you exert your body to perform a range of physical activities, your brain releases endorphins, a kind of feel good hormone. Of course, when endorphins are present and actively functioning in your brain, then you become particularly happier and therefore more energetic as well.

You’re bound to feel less anxious when you work out

If you have bouts of self-doubt, or you sometimes feel worried or hopeless…

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