7 Tips to Help You Stick to a Fitness Plan

1. Set Goals – write them down and be specific.  Use the SMART model as a guideline.


2. Slow and Steady – avoid burnout, fatigue and quitting by making changes smaller and gradually.

3. Ask for Help – don’t avoid exercise because you aren’t sure what to do or where to start. Book a session (or more) with a Personal Trainer and learn. Proper form and technique are the best ways to avoid injury and get the best results so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

4. Keep a Schedule – pick your days and times and stick to them. Write them out on the calendar or put a reminder in your phone until you get into the habit of your new routine.

5. Accountability – hold yourself accountable by paying for a class or membership in advance. Find a workout buddy and help keep each other motivated and accountable.

6. Keep it Fun – try new things and explore. There are so many options you’re bound to love at least one.

7. Reward Yourself – reached a goal? Reward yourself! Have a cupcake, buy some new gym gear, whatever keeps you motivated, use it.


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