Hi! My name is Erin and here is a little about myself …

For the past 14 years my battle with Anxiety & Depression has kept me from enjoying both the little things and the big things in life. From the extreme of not leaving my house for over a year to battling the daily depression that came along with my severe anxiety, I struggled daily.  As a single mother of two beautiful children, I fought daily to do my best to give them a normal life. I tried everything my doctors recommended, such as therapy and medication and while these seemed to help a little, they really only masked the issue.

In a desperate attempt to conquer my struggles with anxiety and depression I chose to drastically change my eating habits and start exercising daily.

Not only did working out make me feel better in the moment, but over time it had a HUGE impact in my day to day life. The overwhelmingly positive effect exercise has had on my anxiety & depression is what brought me to the point of deciding that becoming a personal trainer was a great way for me to help others who may be struggling as well. I know that if I can feel this good, YOU can too!

Fitness is amazing, and for so many reasons. Not only will regular exercise improve your mental health and mood, the list of benefits are so positively vast that I can only wonder why one would not chose to incorporate daily exercise into their lives. (For this list of benefits see my 1st post 25 Benefits of Regular Exercise)

My motto is NO Excuses!

Work, kids, money, time, none of these are good enough excuses to not take care of yourself! And that is why I am here, why I have started this blog, to show you that you too can feel and look great! Whether you struggle from depression and need motivation or find yourself unhappy with your weight, I want to help you. You want this and I want it for you!

Let’s do this!







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  1. You are an inspirational woman!


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