6 Tips to Make Your Fitness Resolution Stick


Photo by Ramirez Creative

With the New Year right around the corner many of you have decided that your New Years Resolution will be to join a gym and get in shape. While I think this is a terrific resolution, less than 10% of you will actually stick to it. This happens for a few reasons, the main one being that we set unrealistic goals for ourselves and fall back into our old habits quickly.

So, lets discuss how we can avoid this and make this the year that our resolution to get fit sticks!

1. Set your goal and be SMART about it. Meaning; Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time.  For example, your goal could be ‘I want to lose 20 pounds (specific) in 16 weeks (measurable, achievable, time), so I can feel confident this summer in a swimsuit (relevant). Once you have your goal, write it down on paper and place it somewhere you will see it daily. Remember to stay realistic with your goals.

2. Plan and Schedule. Decide how many days per week you want to work out (3-4 is a good start for a newbie) and schedule those days and times into your schedule. Planning ahead is key and scheduling your workouts ahead of time will keep you from using the excuse of not having time.

3. Create Healthy Eating Habits. While working out can have a great impact on your health, its important that you pair this with healthy nutrition habits as well. Eating the right foods can fuel your workout, aid in weight loss or in gaining muscle as well keep you energized throughout the day. Small meals consisting of protein and veggies every 2-4 hours, 50-75 grams of carbs after your workout, a daily dose of healthy fats and a minimum 3 liters of water per day is a good place to start. Prepping your meals ahead of time is a great way to stay on track.

4. Accountability. There are a few different ways to hold yourself accountable. You can hire a trainer, tell your friends and family of your goals or find a friend who also wants to make fitness a regular part of their lifestyle and hold each other accountable.

5. Motivation. Motivation is key and while the first few weeks into a new resolution is usually smothered in, it can fade fast. Keep your motivation up with trying one or all of these-

    • Set performance goals (hit a 1 min plank by week 2, 5 unassisted chinups by week 5 etc..)
    • Take weekly progress photos
    • Buy a new outfit one size too small
    • Enter a transformation contest

6. Find the right Gym for you! Some gyms have scheduled hours, some gyms are open 24/7. Some are female only and some have sections for just females and open co-ed areas. Some will have classes they offer for a fee or for free to members. Some gyms require a year contract while others will let you pay monthly or as you go. Its important to shop around and find a gym that will not just fit your needs but one where you will feel comfortable as well. Most gyms offer a free week or drop in so take advantage and check out a few before making any type of commitment.

7 Tips to Help You Stick to a Fitness Plan

1. Set Goals – write them down and be specific.  Use the SMART model as a guideline.


2. Slow and Steady – avoid burnout, fatigue and quitting by making changes smaller and gradually.

3. Ask for Help – don’t avoid exercise because you aren’t sure what to do or where to start. Book a session (or more) with a Personal Trainer and learn. Proper form and technique are the best ways to avoid injury and get the best results so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

4. Keep a Schedule – pick your days and times and stick to them. Write them out on the calendar or put a reminder in your phone until you get into the habit of your new routine.

5. Accountability – hold yourself accountable by paying for a class or membership in advance. Find a workout buddy and help keep each other motivated and accountable.

6. Keep it Fun – try new things and explore. There are so many options you’re bound to love at least one.

7. Reward Yourself – reached a goal? Reward yourself! Have a cupcake, buy some new gym gear, whatever keeps you motivated, use it.


Why You Need Fitness in Your Life – 25 Benefits of Regular Exercise


What better way to start off my new blog than to give you some of the MANY reasons as to why you need fitness in your life. Yes, exercise can leave you looking and feeling better, we all know that, but did you know that exercise can also do the following –

  1. Increases your chances of living longer
  2. Strengthens your bones, slows the loss of bone density (Osteoporosis)
  3. Strengthens your muscles, increases mass & strength
  4. Reduces your risk of Cardiovascular disease
  5. Controls your weight
  6. Reduces your risk of some cancers (colon, breast, endometrial and lung cancer)
  7. Improves ability to manage pain
  8. Improves quality of life
  9. Improves ability to do daily activities
  10. Reduces your risk of Type 2 diabetes
  11. Reduces stress
  12. Improves Self Esteem
  13. Prevents cognitive decline
  14. Improves memory
  15. Helps control addiction
  16. Increases relaxation, improves sleeping patterns
  17. Boosts creativity
  18. Increases productivity
  19. Boosts immune system, prevents colds
  20. Improves sex life, combats impotence, boosts libido
  21. Reduces risk of stroke
  22. Promotes healthy pregnancy
  23. Decreases anxiety
  24. Relieves symptoms of depression
  25. Improves mood

While I could go on, this gives you a pretty good idea of why you need fitness in your life. So, stop making excuses and get active! Starting is the hardest part, but once you do, stopping becomes even harder 😉